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Year of DMT Graduation

St Martin Sur Oust



Mode of Practice

Related Professional Qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy


Embodied Resilience - MHPSS - Advocacy

What is the role of the body and DMT in your practice?

Inspired by both Western psychology and Eastern holistic practices, I have been dedicating the last 15 years to communities' and individuals' resilience worldwide. For a decade, as a social justice advocate for NGOs, I have supported the empowerment of vulnerable populations in crisis and post-crisis contexts. All along, I have been witnessing the human inherent ability to develop resources, should an enabling and supportive environment is created to be reborn and to thrive. Later, this expertise has been paramount to the development of my work as a Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner, trained from a humanistic perspective. I position embodied resilience at the core of the trauma-informed interventions & client-centered processes I craft. My sessions are a catalyst for integrative well-being through play and embodiment. I support individuals to grow and bloom as unique souls at their own pace taking into consideration their background and the environment they evolve in.

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