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Deepthi Ravichandran




Year of DMT Graduation




Mode of Practice

Related Professional Qualifications

B.Tech Chemical Engineering, M.Sc Psychology, CMTAI & CID-UNESCO facilitator certification in DMT


What is the role of the body and DMT in your practice?

I’m a professional Bharatanatyam dancer in addition to a DMT facilitator and an actor. I perform across platforms, teach numerous people and been practising this art classical dance form since I was a kid. The body has always been my primary tool of assessment and communication. Through DMT, I have a vista of opportunities to study & work with various movement patterns and the effect that it can have on our mind. In classical dance, Rasa/Abinaya/Expressing using the face promotes creative communication of any emotion, Nritta/Pure Dance movements focus on using the body to create movement patterns to rhythm. Although limited in grammer, classical dance has increased my overall awareness of the self & surroundings. This is the primary objective of me practising DMT - to share my knowledge as a dancer & promote the holistic wellness for all People using dance/creative movement.

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