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Choices and responses

What is right and what is wrong?

Is there a right and wrong?

Or are these just labels, definitions that make it easier for us to fit in and belong.

Trusting and believing in the choices of our responses, demands unlearning and then learning again.

Creating, exploring and navigating new pathways, may appear daunting at times.

Questions and more questions come calling

What is my moving vocabulary?

Is it a good enough one?

Can I make a new one? But how and when? I ask, My body

It first responds with old patterns, known crevasses, familiar shapes, rhythms and memories.

Memories of fear, doubt, what is presentable and acceptable.

Feelings of limiting and restricting seem so natural

But exploring new spaces, building a new pattern, a new shape, a new rhythm and even a new memory,

Is frightening, challenging and frustrating at times

Patience is a far off virtue

And then I listen closely, and my body says “At least try, I will support you”.

We shall learn and create together.”

Yeah maybe you will fall and it might not be easy or it might just be.

You wouldn’t know, unless you make that choice and respond with that new move, you have been itching to try.

That big leap, that slow glide, even that turn while balancing on your feet.

A movement that appears new to you has layers of unlearning, transitions, resistances you have overcome and don’t forget that resilient spirit.

And all this makes it so enigmatically beautiful.

You are beautiful, just as you are.”

Placing both my palms on my heart, I exhale a deep sigh of relief and release

and say “Thank you.”


Written by Manisha Mahaldar

The art piece has been created in response to the post by Manisha Mahaldar ©ManishaMahaldarIADMT2021

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