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Coming Home to the Self, to the Body

The door shuts behind me, the clang of the key rings out as I drop them into the bowl. A cloud of dust, before it settles. In the sudden silence, the tired bag slips off my shoulder; and I melt into the familiarity of coming home.

The day is done; though still clinging onto my skin, wrapped around and through my body. I make my way through the house. A loud stretch, a sigh to mark an ending, and a soft hum. I smile, ready for the conversation to come.

One foot in, testing the water; and then the other. The feet first protest and soon settle into the familiar warmth. They snake around shyly on the tiles below, befriending the puddles that form. I thank my feet for moving me forward at times I felt I could not.

Droplets collect at my tired knees and fall sharply onto squares of sky blue below. I thank them for all they endure. My knees that allow me to bend, jump and twist – sometimes beyond what I think I am capable of.

Steam rises off my tingling, flushed skin. I lose myself in the embrace of the heat. My body revolves and sways smilingly, led by an unknown force. In my blanket of warmth, time stands still. A deep breath in, and then out.

Ripples of water over my stomach. My hands hold on firmly to my centre. I thank it for the times it housed butterflies, elephants and storms; times it held me together when I felt I was unravelling. I thank my chest; sturdy like a mountain, amidst changing tides of ambiguity. Offering unwavering strength, despite the lurches of change.

A coat of lather and bubbles envelop me, whole. And just like that, it washes off. From the top of my head, down my neck, my shoulders, to the small of my back, hugging my hips and gracefully sliding down my legs. Past every inch of skin. My body, my armour, my vessel, my protector and my ally.

Finally, a deep breath in and then out. A loud stretch, a sigh to mark an ending and a soft hum.

The knob turns behind me, the waterfall turns into nothingness. A cloud of steam, before it settles. In the sudden silence, the soft towel slips around me. I have melted into the familiarity of coming home.

Written by: Anchal Sood

The art piece has been created in response to the post by Anchal Sood



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