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Let’s Rewind

Hi there!

Welcome to my movement memory space!

Today I’ll be sharing a small glimpse of our time together!

Let’s rewind, shall we?

A place, we call it our space..

A body, we call it our home…

A connection, which is now a trust fall,

A heart, which now beats for not just one, but for all…

We met, we learned, we tried…

We hugged, we laughed, we cried!

“You can trust this space”

Says a warm voice

“It’s okay, take your time!”

A matter of choice!

So much to learn

In such a little span

We turned each day golden

We always knew we could, we can!

I feel the paint on my feet

Pastels in my nails

That rush to eat

Waiting for the lunch bell

Little naps to freshen the brain

Little taps to soothe the pain

We have done it all,

We have been through it all!

Words won’t be enough

For the guidance we’ve had

Holding space if the road was rough

Making it easy for the little lad

These pillars of strength…

Cannot thank them enough

Grateful for their existence

Making us learners tough!


We stand together

to create a better version of Me

Diving into the memories and

Proud about the future we see

I promise you this,

We will lead our heart right

That constantly wanders,

Wherever we’ll go

We shall create wonders

It’s our turn to hold spaces,

To answer the why and the how

Just hold your breath,

And let’s step into our new here and now!

Written by Poorvaja Kelkar

The art piece has been created in response to the poem by Poorvaja Kelkar ©PoorvajaKelkarADMT2021



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