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Listening to your Inner Dance

The eyes got shut while the breath became long and more concentrated. The neck tilted a little on its own while the chest lifted. The eyes had a peek of the outside world waiting only to shut itself again. An elbow lifted itself, a palm gently touched the cheek, moving its way across the valleys and crevices of the face. The other elbow lifted gently with a wave while the spine joined in with its own element.

The stomach crunched, then released what it was holding with a sigh of relief while the rhythm of the breath played in the background. The foot made its presence known with a bang on the ground while the vibrations seeped in the entire body.

The body was getting ready to swirl together and to be moved in unison with all its elements. It wanted to speak of stories never heard before and write songs never sung before. All of its elements including the hips, the thighs, the hands, the fingers, and the toe with the eyes still shut, listening and moving intently on its inner rhythm.

Each movement spoke of its uniqueness and spread colours of the innermost thoughts. Each movement breathed out a heave of rhythmic flow, spinning immense energy waiting to be explored and expressed.

Each movement was undoing years of tradition to shame and to hide as if coming out of the closet with a harmonic rainbow, realizing the power that was waiting to be danced on and covering space that was meant to be asserted upon.

The other bodies also started to appear in space and there were soon more enveloping it with their presence. Though apprehensive at first yet the eyes started to open up, greeting each other with a smile, acknowledging each other with a free-flowing gesture, allowing to be touched and to touch. Some mirrored each other while some conversed with their moving bodies.

A unifying movement sparkled from somewhere and soon they were clapping, roaring, rolling, singing, dancing and laughing together. All in one space and in the current moment brought alive the power within as they celebrated, expressed, sobbed as well as roared with joy.

Feeling the coldness and the warmth.


Feeling the movement and the stillness.


Feeling powerful and being vulnerable.


Listening and Moving with their Inner Dances.


Written by: Nikita Kabra (Ze/Zem)

The art piece has been created in response to the post by Nikita Kabra ©NikitaKabra/IADMT2020


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