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Something to Say

There is a spark in the words written out of love,

Now the love could take any form,

An unrequited love. A platonic love. self-love.

When the emotions swirl like the tutu on a ballet dancer,

You know, it’s time for some lyrics to float on a blank sheet.

Once you start wiring with the right phrases,

You seem to take a leap into outer space,

No gravity to pull you towards cognition and with unbound space to let you wander into complete oblivion.

The literary odes seem to touch the heavens chord,

And it made some of us grow with a longing.

A longing for blind love. A longing for indefinite love. A longing for love that soothes the inner-child.

Some ensemble of words seems to dance with our sensations,

And infectiously, we start collecting them as memorabilia.

How certain poems make our world go upside down,

And yet triggers the right sound.

The muse sits silently,

While we let its presence create the chaos we need to unfurl the poetic boundaries.

When the motionless words enrage the soul,

We swim across our unlabelled selves.

It is like our unattended feelings are finding a home of expression.

There is a spark in the rhythmic lines spoken out of a well filled with ‘something to say’!

Written by: Jasmine Ahluwalia

Something To Say - Blog Post Artwork, Jasmine Alhuwalia

The art piece has been created in response to the post by Jasmine Ahluwalia



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