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The Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy (IADMT) is a professional body for Dance Movement Psychotherapists (DMP), Dance/Movement Therapists (DMT), Dance Movement Therapy Practitioners (DMTP), Dance Movement Therapy Facilitators (DMTF), and Dance Movement Therapy Researchers (DMTR) in India. It is a National Association registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.


It has been formed to set ethical standards for professional practice, training, and supervision in the field of Dance Movement Therapy in India. The Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy (IADMT) defines DMT as a psychotherapeutic method that uses movement and creative expression to further socio-emotional, cognitive, and somatic integration.

"The body says what words cannot."

- Martha Graham

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To create an integrative network of professionals with other creative arts therapies and associations

  • To work with the government and create a regulated licensing system of practice

  • To bring together and standardise the quality of training programs that can be affiliated to the association


Our Vision

  • To create a collaborative network of Dance Movement Therapy Professionals offering ethical supervised services 

  • To create awareness of DMT within the country

  • To put India as a collective on the DMT world map 

  • To create a systemic change in monitoring its member’s practice to create safety for DMT service users

Our Values

Professional Practice: We support the development of the responsible, professional, and ethical practice of Dance Movement Therapy in India.

Respect: We are committed to upholding the rights, dignity, and choice of all people.

Inclusivity and Diversity: We value diversity in the experiences of communities and individuals, and embody and promote the practice of inclusivity.

Non-Discrimination: We advocate for non-discrimination within the association with regard to but not limited to race, ethnicity, language, national origin, religion, political ideologies, age, sex, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental disability, and socioeconomic status.

Integrity: We encourage communicating and engaging with our associates in honest ways.

Collective Effort: We believe that meaningful exchanges are created through the collaborative sharing of skills, ideas, knowledge, perspectives, and experiences.


Founding Board

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