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Executive Board & Committees

Office Bearers

For the term 2023-25

President: Anshuma Kshetrapal

Vice President: Nishi Joshi

Treasurer: Devika Mehta

General Secretary: Deepa Sai Avula

Joint Secretary: Tejali Kunte

Executive Board

For the term 2023-25

Office Bearers

For the term 2020-23

President: Preetha Ramasubramniam

Vice President: Anshuma Kshetrapal

Treasurer: Devika Mehta

General Secretary: Rashi Bijlani Tandon

Joint Secretary: Ruchi Shah Jhaveri


Executive Board

For the term 2020-23

Akanksha Mishra

Bansi Modi

Disha Sampat

Manasi Gokhale

Neha Christopher

Niharica Shah

Nishi Joshi

Rashi Trehan

Ritu Shree

Tarana Khatri

Tejali Kunte

Yashvi Bhatnagar

IADMT Committees

The following Committees have been set up by the Board and their functioning will be overseen by the Office Bearers (President, Vice-president, General Secretary, and Joint-Secretary).  Each committee will have a ‘Team Lead’ who is elected by the members of the committee. The Team Leads of each Committee form the Executive Board of the IADMT. The are responsible to facilitate and lead the committee in planning, organising, and executing the agreed-upon goals. All our Committees are run by IADMT members who have decided to volunteer their time towards the shared goal of furthering the field of Dance Movement Therapy in India and do not receive any monetary or other incentives in exchange for their efforts.

IADMT Education & Research

Education & Research Committee

Interim Team Lead: Tejali Kunte

Committee Members: ⁠Aanchal Anand, Ritu Shree, Tarana Khatri, Prerna Yadav, Heena Jain, ⁠Shivani More

The Education and Research Committee focuses on promoting interest in DMT research and enhancing clinical and non-clinical skills through training workshops. Our goal is to play a key role in keeping DMT dynamic and evidence-based, and making information about training in DMT available to the larger community.

IADMT Ethics

Ethics Committee

Interim Team Lead: Deepa Avula

Committee Members: Palak Bhale , Purva Deshpande, Akshata Parekh, Aditi Boratkar, Manasi Gokhale

Ethics committee of IADMT advocates for ethical practice of DMT in India and  creates discourse on ethics amongst the IADMT membership. It aims to create resources and guides for Indian DMT Membership to follow in their professional practices.

IADMT Licensure & Policy

Licensure & Policy Committee

Team Lead: Preetha R

Committee Members: Saar Dhingra, Rashi Trehan

The Licensure and Policy Committee of IADMT aims to work towards introducing appropriate licenses and policy for the profession of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in India. We aim to achieve this by connecting with local and national government officials and advocating for the accurate representation of DMT as a profession in India.

IADMT Membership Engagement

Membership Engagement Committee

Co-Leads: Niharica Shah & Yashvi Bhatnagar

Committee Members: Rashi Bijlani, Devika Mehta, Preetha R, Ruchi Shah, Anisha Mukherjee, Akshita Bajaj

The Membership Engagement Committee consists of the previously Membership and Website Committees. The goal of this Committee is to continually find ways to engage the existing and potential members of IADMT and liaison with other committees to fulfil the same. We also process new memberships, manage IADMT's formal online presence, manage the membership databases, and update/maintain our digital infrastructure.

IADMT Outreach

Outreach Committee

Interim Team Lead: Nishi Joshi

Committee Members: Pragyan Behera, Mahalakshmi Narayanaprasad, Jenisha Shah,⁠ ⁠⁠Disha Sampat, ⁠⁠Akanksha Mishra

The Outreach Committee of IADMT works to advance mental health through dynamic initiatives, creating awareness, fostering advocacy, and building a vibrant community of professionals in Mental Health and Creative Arts. Committed to the transformative power of Dance Movement Therapy, we aim to make IADMT a beacon in mental health by focusing on Awareness, Advocacy, and Fundraising for creative learning opportunities to the wider community.

IADMT Public Relations

Public Relations Committee

Interim Team Lead: Anshuma Kshetrapal

Committee Members: Neha Christopher, Jasmine Ahluwalia, Tavishi Jain, Poornima Adim, Sonia Tharani, Nainika Mukherjee

The Public Relations Committee of the Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy (IADMT) is dedicated to enhancing the visibility, credibility, and positive image of the organization. Through strategic communication and relationship-building; the committee aims to foster understanding, engagement, and support for the mission and activities of IADMT. We do this through Social Media, Newsletters, Emailers and other PR tools to network and retain relationships with international, national and other nodal agencies.

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